Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where I'm Headed...Where I've Been

There are so many things I wish I could be doing with my life right now. I read other people's blogs and look at the friends I have around me thinking, "they know exactly what God has called them to do!" I'm so unsure of where I'm headed that I have begun reveling and living in my past - a time when I was in school and had classes, the same friends, and my protected little world that I didn't need to leave or branch out from. The Lord has been reminding me of my passions and dreams lately, encouraging me and challenging me to think outside of myself. I'm learning that it's okay to expect great things from God, in fact - He wants us to! Where are you calling me, Lord? Is it here? In this little community that I have just joined? Is it on the far reaches of the globe in a small travel clinic in the bushes of Africa? Where do you want me to go? Who do you want me to touch? I want to use the skills and desires that He's given me to reflect His glory. It's okay to be content with where I am right now, I have a job in a medical clinic 1/2 mile from the Canadian border, am becoming more and more passionate about loving and serving people and am learning much about my relationship with Christ.

God has created me with a lot of passion. I LOVE people, I LOVE being with them, investing in them, touching them, praying with and for them, spending time talking over coffee, and avidly seeking adventurous moments with them. I LOVE nursing, I LOVE being Jesus' hands and feet here on earth, getting to know and care for people in some of their most vulnerable moments, using my hands, eyes, mind, and heart to provide compassionate care. I love photography and writing: capturing moments of emotion. I want to be able to use both someday for my enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others. I love to travel - to drink of life and other people in ways I never could within the borders of my own limited experiences. Use me Lord!! I love children and families and speaking into people's lives and hearts. This is me...but it's so vague and I don't know what direction to take or where to head next. God, will you call me to a place where I can use my talents and enjoy the things I love to do? That place could be here...and I know that what He is calling me to do - is invest in the life I'm living right now. Create in me a pure heart, Father, one that does not seek after things that are not of You. I don't want to desire and pursue other people's dreams and plans just because they are attractive and seem adventurous to me. I will follow you - wherever you lead me. I'm trusting that you will close doors and open them to the paths you want me to follow. I will be content in this season of my life - choosing each day to honor and pursue you above all else, to bless those I come in contact with today, and to live my life to the fullest, praising and bringing you glory. USE ME, LORD!!

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